Palm Springs Habitat

Welcome to Palm Springs Habitat!

(Formerly known as

The purpose of this site is to save/create a small area (35 acres, Assessors Parcel Number APN: 659-060-002) northeast of Palm Springs, Ca, as a nature/eco preserve.

It is currently on the market.

This area is home to a colony of Burrowing Owls. Here is a picture of one. Can you find it? Look for the eyes:


There is also a small oasis/guzzler in the center that Desert Wildlife has been using for over 22 years.

Also in this area is 'Magic Rock'. This is a large rock that looks almost like a small couch. Large enough to seat 3 people, it faces East, and was likely used by Indians in the past as a site for 'Vision Quests'. When you are in this area, and especially when you are sitting on Magic Rock, you can feel the power of this magical place.


There are many other unusual rocks in this area. It is a magical place. You can see photos of these on the Photos Page.


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